What is Hockey Puck Line Betting? Vs Moneyline, Asian puck line, and betting trends

Learn how puck line betting works? What is a 3-way hockey puck line, asian puck line and 3-way moneyline. Additionally, look at your players action in order to spot trends and increase your sportsbook profit margins by applying the correct changes on your book’s configuration.

What is Puck Line Betting? What Does Puck Line Mean?

What is puck line betting? When you see the word puck, you should immediately know that this is a way of betting on ice hockey. In fact, it is one of the most popular ways for new bettors to wager on hockey'

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Why is puck line betting popular? It is simple to understand for bettors and will often provide a higher payout than just betting a team on the moneyline.

A more familiar way of referring to puck line betting is spread betting but for hockey games. It is a method of betting on the final goal differential and margin between the two teams.

NHL puck line betting is a major market for sports betting once the season begins in October. The NHL is a league that has games playing on most nights of the season. There are plenty of opportunities for bettors to wager on NHL puck line bets!

In this article you will learn the ins and out of NHL Hockey puck line betting. In this way you will be ready to take action from your players and, most importantly, adjust your book settings to be as profitable as possible on this market.

How Does Puck Line Betting Work?

As mentioned earlier, puck line betting is similar to spread betting for other sports like basketball and American football.

Rather than just choosing the winner of the game like a bettor would in a moneyline bet, the puck line allows you, the bookie, to even the odds in the game.

Graph bar chart: risk amount per wager type

Sometimes the player feels confident in a given wager type (“spread/puckline”, “money line”, etc). There are times where he reflects this confidence by risking bigger amounts when betting that wager type. In other cases - as is the case with dummy player account Dummy_73, the player is careful and bets on the lower side, no matter the wager type.

The standard puck line is typically set similar to a run line in baseball: with a 1.5 goal margin. Here’s what that looks like:

2-Way NHL Puck Line Bet Example

Pittsburgh Penguins Vs. New York Rangers -1.5

TeamBetting OddsWhat this Means
Pittsburgh Penguins+1.5 (-130)This bet wins if the Penguins lose by one goal or less, or win the game outright.

New York Rangers-1.5 (+110) This bet wins if the Rangers win the game by two goals or more.

So if the bettor wants to bet the favorite to cover the spread, the Rangers will need to win by at least two goals. But if the bettor wants to bet against the spread and back the Penguins as the underdogs, then all they need is for Pittsburgh to lose by less than two or win the game outright.

Do Puck Line Bets Include Overtime?

Yes, puck line wagers generally include overtime and shootouts. The thing about hockey is that if a game goes to overtime, then the outcome of the bet has already been decided.

Once a hockey game ends regulation time in a tie, the winning team can only ever win the game by one goal. Effectively, this means that the underdogs will always win a puck line bet once the game goes to overtime or a shootout.

Is there a 3-Way Puck Line Bet?

Those who bet on European football (soccer) will be more familiar with 3-way bets. The third option in a 3-way bet is for a draw as an outcome in the game.

In hockey puck line betting, 3-way betting options are always whole numbers rather than decimals like in 2-way betting. To understand how this works, let’s take a look at another example:

3-Way NHL Puck Line Bet Example

Vancouver Canucks vs. Colorado Avalanche -2.0

TeamBetting OddsWhat this Means
Vancouver Canucks+2.0This bet wins if the Canucks keep the game within two goals or win the game outright.
Draw-2.0This bet wins if the Colorado Avalanche win the game by exactly two goals.
Colorado Avalanche-2.0 This bet wins if the Colorado Avalanche win the game by three goals or more.

So with the draw there is an added layer of difficulty in a 3-way puck line bet. The draw tends to have the highest odds since there is only one possible outcome for that bet to win.

Note that newer bettors might shy away from 3-way puck line betting as it is slightly more complicated, even if it provides higher odds and potential payouts.

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Puck Line Betting vs Moneyline Betting

So is puck line betting better than money line betting? Remember puck line betting evens the playing field for bookies. This allows the book to take in more bets and more money on the underdogs. New bettors will tend to wager on moneyline favorites even though the payout is much lower.

The main difference between the two is the margin of the final score. A moneyline bet can win if the favorite only wins by one goal, which means the bet is still alive for favorites in overtime. So when we talk about puck line vs money line bets, we are talking about the margin of victory or defeat for either team.

Often, the psychology of new bettors is that favored teams can easily cover a puck line. A surprising number of NHL games are only decided by a single goal. This means that contrary to new bettor psychology, underdog puck line bets are valuable bets in hockey.

What are Alternate Puck Line Bets?

Alternate puck lines are growing in popularity due to their high payout potential. Rather than just betting a team to win by -1.5, bettors can up the odds to -2.5 or even -3.5 if they believe it can be a blowout game. 

The alternate puck lines of -2.5 and -3.5 will have higher payouts but of course, a much lower chance of hitting. Some inexperienced bettors will certainly chase these inflated odds to varying degrees of success.

Are There Asian Puck Line Hockey Bets?

Yes! Those who are familiar with Asian handicapping from European football will know exactly what this means. Asian handicapping is a method of betting that looks to eliminate the draw by providing the underdog with a ‘head start’ in the game. 

Here’s another table to illustrate the outcomes of an Asian puck line hockey bet

Table: Asian handicap hockey puck betting

Most of the other rules remain the same as a regular hockey betting puck line.

That is all that you need to know about Hockey’s puck line betting. In PPHServices.net you can offer an expanded selection of Hockey lines to your players while we keep a close eye on your players’ performance.

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