Sports Betting Agent: Credit vs PPH – Benefits and Drawbacks

Sports Betting Agent Sites: Credit vs PPH Sports Agent

Benefits, Drawbacks, and Tools of the trade

Sports Betting Agent Credit vs PPH

When you wish to get deeper into the sports betting business world and want to start generating money, there are different ways in which you can do so.

With the recent Supreme Court ruling, allowing individual States to self-regulate sports betting, it has never been a better time for local betting agents to capitalize from the current climate. Whether it be becoming a credit agent or a PPH Sports betting agent.

Sports betting is expected to increase in popularity as we continue to see major media outlets, pushing gambling-related content to their viewers. Consequently, causing an influx of new players heading to the local horsebook, casino or sportsbook. The grand majority of these bettors, for convenience sake, will eventually place most of their bets online.

Becoming a credit agent with an offshore sportsbook, or start using one of the sports betting agent sites provided by a PPH Sports “price per head” shop, are the two main ways to speed up your progress and climb up the ladder to start generating revenue in the most straightforward way.

Sportsbook agent sites have become a viable solution with the widespread use of mobile technologies.

Before you start to compare price per head services through reviews and the such, it pays out to understand the two different business models and find out the benefits, drawbacks, and how to get started with each.

Credit Sportsbook Agent Sites

How credit betting agent works
Credit betting agents share responsibility of the betting pot.

This type of betting agents, contrary to PPH Sports agents, are bettors which are in constant contact with other players, people that like betting, or are able to reach these types of people with ease.

You then contact a reputable offshore bookmaker and start forwarding your players bets to them. The difference is that these players will work as credit players, instead of the standard “post up” model.

Credit betting agents refer to the business model in which you work with a reputable offshore sportsbook and function as an agent to them. Meaning you will refer players to them, and in exchange, they will pay you a percentage of their losses.

The percentage you get paid varies depending on the offshore bookmaker, so it pays out to do your own research among the top offshore sportsbooks to find out the different percentages and terms offered by these.

The player you refer will work on a credit model, instead of the standard post-up model. This means they will be assigned a certain credit. They will use this to place their bets on different sporting events available.

When it comes to handling the winners, you will usually have a split responsibility with these sports betting agent sites. This percentage may vary from shop to shop. It could go from 50% all the way to 70%, in most cases.

Because of the liability you share with the offshore bookmaker, for this business model to work properly and be profitable for both the sports betting agent and the offshore bookmaker, it pays off for the betting agent to know the players. So he can attest with some level of certainty if they will cover their losses, in other words, if they are to be trusted.


This is a great option for people who don’t particularly have a strong bankroll to payout the players winnings as a very good portion of this will be covered by the offshore sportsbook.


Even though becoming a sportsbook credit agent with an offshore sportsbook it’s a great option if you are just staring on the sports betting bookie business, it does come with several drawbacks that will keep you from truly developing your business in the long run.

1. Control

Mainly, you have no saying in terms of how the sportsbook is managed, its limits, which sports and games are offered, among other things. So, for example, let’s say that you noticed your players tend to win a lot on NFL parlays and you want to limit the max payout on these to make your shop more profitable. With this business model you will not be able to do such a change. In other words you are there for the ride with little to no say about anything.

Instead, with a full-fledged PPH Sports “price per head” service, sportsbook betting agents can control every aspect of their sportsbook. Including, credit limits, max wager restrictions, max parlay payout, max teams allowed, juice, enable/disable players with  a single click, etc.

Player management for sportsbook agents sites
The “player management” screen provides quick access to credit limits, global max wager limits, and player status.

2. Restrictions When Adding Player Accounts

Another drawback with the credit agent model is that currently, offshore sportsbooks imposed strong restrictions in terms of which players they choose to accept; so it will not be as easy to get started and accepted as a credit sports betting agent.

Adding players with sports betting agent sites
As a price per head sports betting agent you can have as many player accounts you need, easily created from the agent platform.

3. Player Activity

Additionally, offshore sportsbooks tend to be notorious for imposing limits to players that don’t bet with certain frequency. In other words, if the players you refer don’t reach a minimum quota of money bet per month, they will be cut off and their wagers not accepted anymore.

Active customers screen for betting agents
As a betting agent with a price per head sportsbook you only pay for players that use the service. If there is no usage, no payment is required.

In conclusion, credit agents offer a simpler entry level for sports bettors who want to get into the bookie business world, but the restrictions imposed will, sooner or later, limit the opportunities to grow and expand.

That’s where the PPH Sports “pay per head” agent model comes in. Which introduce a whole new set of benefits and drawbacks to the sports betting booking equation.

PPH Sports Betting Agent Sites

Using a PPH Sports betting agent site, also known as “Price per head” or “pay per head”, is yet another way for agents to get started with offshore bookmaking.

If you want to have more control but don’t want to go through all the fees and paperwork associated with implementing a locally regulated sportsbook, price per head services may be the best fit for you.

You can choose among the top-rated price per head sports betting agent sites providers out there, to properly run your business and add an additional income source. Let’s first explore how the price per head business model works and where sports betting agents fit into the picture.

How the does the PPH Sports system work?

Sports betting agent sites provide all the required tools and services that sportsbook operators need to run their business, including insightful reports to monitor the action. Everything from betting websites, sports betting odds managers, clerks, and other IT support staff.

All this in exchange for a fixed fee for each player that uses you sportsbook agent site. The PPH Sports provider will manage most of the aspects of your sports betting business, while you focus on balancing your book, paying out winners and collecting from the losers.

With this type of business you will only get billed for the active players that place bets during the week. In other words, you only pay for what you use. If no players place bets during the week, you don’t pay for them.


There are plenty of advantages of using a price per head service to run your PPH Sports shop, but here we are most interested in contrasting against the benefits and drawbacks we discussed on our “Credit Sportsbook Agent” section.

Let’s get started:

1. Experience

These sports betting agent sites are managed by experienced staff, usually former bookies themselves. This experience will come in handy as you know you can relax, sit back, and know your sportsbook is offering the best sports betting lines on the market, making it as sharp and as profitable as possible.

Sportsbook showcase for betting agents.
Even though the amount of lines and markets is comparable with almost any offshore sportsbook, with price per head services you can choose what to offer to your players

2. Control

When using one of these sports betting agent sites to help you run your sportsbook, you have total control of your operation. Everything from lines, to max payouts, to max wagers, sports and games offered. Everything can be added, adjusted, or removed at your call.

Noticed your guys winning too much on a certain team? simply increase the juice or vigorish to -115 or even -120 to discourage or even to increase your profit on the long run.

Wager limits for betting agents.
With price per head services, as the betting agent, it’s easy to control the exposure of your sportsbook, by controlling the max wager for sides, totals, moneylines, parlays, and every line type or game type available on your sportsbook.

Another useful feature this type of service allows is known as “Live Bet Ticker”. Essentially, it’s a real-time bet notification screen which displays every single wager placed on your book.

It uses sounds and colors to help you quickly identify tickets based on the risk or to-win amount. It’s also fully customizable and uses powerful filtering options to allow you to see only what’s important to you.

3. Technology

But why would players choose to do business with you instead of using an established offshore sportsbook, you ask? three things: Credit, Taxes, and Personal service.

Credit is something players love and it will keep them coming back to your PPH Sports betting agent site (even if they lose). They love the rush and the added excitement that betting on their favorite teams brings to the table. Allowing an offshore sportsbook access to their bank account and paying hefty taxes for it doesn't quite fill up their expectations.

For these players, knowing that they have $1000 in credit and 24/7 access to your online sportsbook where they can place their bets without having to call you or send money abroad, it’s an added value..

Betting agents control credit and wager limits.
Easily control your players credit limits, enable or disable your customers at will, from the player management screen.


Something to consider before starting using the PPH Sports (price per head) business model to start your betting agent path is, these type of companies, opposite to credit agents working with an offshore sportsbook, do not share liability for the losses or winnings of your players.

As mentioned before you only pay them a set fee per player, for this they will take care of all the heavy-lifting, but you are in charge of collecting and paying out your players.

So if you are looking for someone to share financial responsibilities, this may not be the best way to go to get started.

Conclusion: PPH Sports Betting Agent vs Credit Agent

As you can see, when it comes to starting your sportsbook becoming a credit agent or working with a PPH Sports provider and using one of their sports betting agent sites offer different benefits and drawbacks.

There is no clear path to choose, it will really depend on your particular goals and circumstances.

Starting as a credit agent with an offshore sportsbook may be the most straightforward option, as it basically gives you a one-off deal, but the restrictions to grow and the limited payout percentages may be a turn off for many.

PPH sports betting agent sites are the easiest and cheapest to get started while still allowing you to manage a business with limitless possibilities to grow, but handling the collecting and payouts is not for everyone.

At the end of the day the passion that you put into your craft will decide which option is best for you. Is with that same passion that you need to look for the best price per head sportsbook that brings the best value between price and quality.

Managing a sportsbook is not a get-rich scheme as it’s sometimes considered, but if you put the hard word and dedication, as is required in any other line of business, you will have a strong chance to be successful.

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